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Wholesome Baby Food Guide
Homemade Baby Food Recipes and Tips For A Delicious Beginning
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Baby Food Is Family Food
Simple, Delicious Baby Food Recipes Using Family Foods
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Why autumn leaves turn red? It's not easy being red!
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Having a Baby Changes Everything – Even the Way You Eat!  You know that you want to do everything you can to give your little one the best start in life and food plays a big role in that.

Feeding Babies Is About To Get Less Mysterious and Stressful – This site is dedicated to offering parents easy, fresh delicious homemade food recipes along with nutrition topics and other baby feeding and related information. 

Make Homemade Baby Food?

While the thought of making your own homemade baby food might seem great, you’re probably wondering how you could possibly find the time—and energy to fit one more thing into your hectic life.  After all, you live in the real world. You’ve got a home, a job, other family responsibilities. And finding time to sleep would be nice, too – right?!

Why take the time (out of an already hectic day) to make homemade baby food?

The simplest answer is this: You’re probably already cooking breakfast, lunch, or dinner for the rest of the family.  Did you know that it’s likely that some of those foods are “baby foods,” too? Yes they are.  So why not cook for your baby, too? There’s no need to prepare separate meals for baby, using separate utensils and cooking ware. It is so easy and rewarding (economical too! to make your baby fresh homemade food!

Food Groups – Recipes and Information

Veggies For Baby

Food Features: When Can Babies Eat This? Is It Safe?


Making homemade baby food can sound dangerous and sometimes gets a bad rap due to misinformation and misunderstanding. This is the case with carrots and other “nitrate” foods.

There are many misconceptions about nitrates, learn the facts here!